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They passed a bill that would ban all federal gun laws in Missouri? And they passed a bill that says, if you are a teacher in Missouri schools and you are told to bring a gun to school with you, you can be fired if you the teacher do not show up with that gun. So, wow, yes, how do you do, Missouri Republicans?

Today, President Obama went to Texas. He gave two big speeches on the economy. Today, the Republican U. Senate candidate in Massachusetts denied he was ever part of the swift boating group that attacked President Obama over the killing of Osama bin Laden. Gabriel Gomez is the candidate. And he told reporters today, "I was never associated with the group. I was not part of the group. Mistaken identity or something? That Massachusetts Senate race is getting weird. The latest polls out today showed that the Democrat in the race, Ed Markey, is out way, way ahead. They like to say, white nationalist.

They think it sounds better. You can judge for yourself. From African-Americans to illegal immigrants, from lesbians to left-handers, every ethnic and interest group has its own lobby or cultural foundation. The exception, of course, is white Americans. There also are peculiar folk ways, holidays, traditions and customs that make us both uniquely European and uniquely American.

Only we are who we are.

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So, this is the white supremacist -- sorry, the white nationalist think tank group. They call themselves the National Policy Institute. Their slogan, you can see at the top there, for our people, our culture, our future. And when they say "our", they are being really, really specific about who they mean. This is our challenge. This is our calling. So, yes, some of them are still kind of skinhead looking guys. But they wear suits, you know, and some of them have hair. But this is an old school kind of thing. No interbreeding, protect the sanctity of whiteness from the inferior races.

It is exactly what you think it is with somewhat improved haircuts. They do hold physical conferences and events and things.

They also maintain a P. And it turns out that is the exact same address and exact same P. I saw a bunch of links to this today were all the way back machine. It is called the "Alternative Right". It says it is dedicated to heretical perspectives, particularly those with a nationalist outlook.

This, for example, is their post on Holocaust Remembrance Day this year, this past January. So, this is the real deal, right? This is alternative right, which lives in the same White Fish, Montana P. The think tank guy still posts at "Alternative Right" as well. This Aryan Nation, supremacist of the nations crock is directly linked to the legislation that finally started getting its big mark-up in the United States today, after months of build-up -- the highest profile legislation in the country, the legislation that if it passes will be as big a deal as health reform, actually probably bigger.

Rachel Maddow - Wikiwand

The writing was on the law, right? After losing the presidency again and losing seats in the house and losing seats in the Senate, the writing was on the wall, the Republican Party had to get right with Latinos at least, with Latino voters. And the way it was going to do it was by supporting immigration reform finally.

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The day after the election, conservative hosts on the FOX News Channel and conservative radio began announcing their personal conversion. Yes, yes.

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As of today, as of today, that legislation has now finally been introduced and started its progress through the Senate today. Democrats, of course, support it. The only question is whether or not Republicans are going to let it pass. I mean, no Republican senators who were previously, vocally against immigration reform are coming out now and saying that they are for it. And the most conservative think tank in the country is really, really against it.

The Heritage Foundation is leading the conservative opposition to anything getting done to fix the immigration system, and this is where the white supremacist problem party comes in.

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So, yesterday, it was Dillon Matthews ph at "The Washington Post" who looked up the credentials of the people who wrote the anti-immigration reform study for the Heritage and they found out that one of the co-authors for the big Heritage study on this issue, did his doctoral dissertation on American immigration policy and specifically on the question of how we should shape our immigration policy to account for the fact that Latinos are so dumb as a race.

The dissertation describes Latino immigrants as generally having an IQ that is, quote, "substantially lower than that of the white native population. After that was reported the Heritage Foundation, which is now run by former Republican Senator Republican Jim DeMint, the Heritage Foundation tried to distance themselves from this guy who they had write their immigration report.

It said that the dissertation was, quote, "not a work product of the Heritage Foundation. Its findings do not reflect the positions of the Heritage Foundation or the conclusions of our study.

Rachel Maddow is on the warpath about her book ‘Drift’

He was good with a calculator. In your statement, you basically just said he provides the numbers.

The Rachel Maddow Show 10/18/19 - MSNBC News Today October 18, 2019

Is that right? So, what makes you think -- unless you agree with that premise, what makes you think his numbers are sufficiently good in order for them to be included in your study? My question was if he did the numbers and his premise is that Hispanics have low IQ, what makes you confident his numbers in your study you just cited are actual good numbers? He has a titled position at the Heritage Foundation.

Quote, "Hispanics are, in fact, substantially more likely than whites to commit serious crimes. These findings are not due to age differences or immigration violations or other statistical artifacts, the reality of Hispanic crimes should be one of the many factors we consider when setting immigration policy. This is the world the Heritage Foundation went to, to find an author for their study of immigration reform. And we learned all of this today about the character of the opposition to immigration reform in this country. We learned about who is leading the Republican charge against immigration reform on the day that immigration reform finally gets introduced in the Senate.

What do those revelations tell us about what happens next on this very, very important issue? Joining us now Jose Antonio Vargas. After winning a Pulitzer Prize, he came out about his immigration status. He has since travelled the country, talking about immigration. He testified in front of the Judiciary Committee in February.

Jose Antonio Vargas, it is great to have you here. We do not stand by that report.

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We want an actual fair common sense solution to a problem. So I actually hope that the Heritage Foundation keeps him. I hope they keep him and I hope every Republican and conservative person says that does not represent me. And, again, you know, numbers hide as much as they reveal. But you are not entitled to your own facts. VARGAS: And again, that is -- we are not -- this is a time for an honest constructive conversation on this issue, not for distractions, not for hateful racist distractions.

This is exactly what this is. The first time I was there, actually, I was on your show But you speak English so good. I would like to think as a product of the public education system of this country, I thank my teachers for teaching English and speaking it very well. Not bringing into mind not only the billions of dollars that we provide economically to this country, but also the cultural contributions that we bring to this country.

Now, that we see the tree from which this poison fruit has fallen. Do you -- I know you hope that will happen. Do you think that will happen? I actually spoke there in I think when I was a "Washington Post" reporter. I would love to go back to the Heritage Foundation. I think the Heritage Foundation owes undocumented people like me a platform. I think we should go to the Heritage Foundation and talk to them about immigration.