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I need a stand alone billing system that is not being operated in the server but in an individual pc. I hope that you get my point.. I really need to finish this project ASAP,please help me Internet Cafe Billing Submitted by:. Visitors have accessed this post times.

Object Oriented Programming

A must have features for internet cafe monitoring system: Allow connection from multiple computer Detailed information about connected computer like computer name, user code, total amount, used amount, left amount, total hour, used hour, left hour, etc. Hi, sir, thank you for this wonderful idea sir, ahm, sir, can i do this in vb. How to Connet it i cant Run it properly Thank you so much need your help Please Help me Sir.

Sir,i would like to know about the alternate methodology for voting system. Please Help It's for my project purpose Hi, I need ur help in any way to convert the backend access into SQL. Dear Sir, I have a problem about our thesis. Czarina De Jesus. Rgds, AK Dear Sir Could u please send me the sample database and source code in vb for the internet cafe billing please.

I will try your system.. Commercial and Welfare, the distinguishing factor being the relationship with the customer.

In the Welfare sector customer is usually part of a captive audience and element of choice is removed in case of NHS Trust Hospital, prison, nursing home, school or the armed forces. The Commercial sector is profit…. Macapulay Wally G. Soriano Catherine R. Castillo Lady Lyn R. Cayabyab Jaime S. Santos John Kennedy A. Gamboa Micoh B. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays.

Internet Cafe System

Show More. Communications have already been done with the lessor and our application has been considered. Other than providing a subsidy to our monthly lease payments, Commissioner of Oaths will blend into our quest to provide a one-stop-shop. Other secondary services will include scanning, photocopying, typing, commissioner of oaths, printing and graphic designs 3. Some of the Internet and computing. Essay Easyinternetcafe Executive Summary: This case report addresses the challenges to implement a new logistic system that if well implemented it can improve operations and can convert easyinternetcafe into a profitable company.

Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. Java Net is mainly established for meeting the demand of customer. The subsidiary funding is necessary to start work on preparation of site and change, buying equipment, and to assess cost in the first year of operations.

RRL - Internet Cafe Management Software Essay

Java Net will be incorporated as an LLC corporation. The funding which is related to the contribution of capital from the owner which is me, shareholders and the Oregon Economic Development Fund, will permit Java Net to successfully establish and run business operations by year one. The large amount of initial capital investment will permit Java Net to give its customers to present it as entire characteristics of internet cafe. Successful operation in year one will give Java Net with a customer base that will permit it to be self ample in year two.

The innovation of an unparalleled, up market, creative atmosphere that will diverse Java Net from local coffee houses.

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Give an understanding to the community about the Internet service that is what they offer or what their facilities are. The establishment of an environment that will attract people with various interests and settings together in a common forum. The innovation of an unparalleled, creative, up market atmosphere that will add as the new features of Java Net and differentiate it from other competitors such as: local coffee shop and prospective internet cafes.

The formation of Java Net as a residential centre for communication, socialization and entertainment. Java Net will set up its position itself as one of main educational resource for individuals wanted to find out about their internet facilities and alternatives. Java Net gives communities with the capacity to enter the Internet, take a cup of coffee, and enjoy Internet experiences in a comfortable environment.

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All ages and any backgrounds of people will come to enjoy the unparalleled, up market, educational, and creative environment that Java Net offers. Will the cost of entering the Internet from home drop so necessarily that there may not be a market for the Internet Cafes such as Java Net? Java Net, soon to be established in Central London on 10th and Oak, will provide the community easy and affordable entry to the Internet. Java Net will also give customers with an unparalleled and creative location for enjoying great coffee, special beverages, and bakery items.

Java Net will in sort to all ages and backgrounds of customers. The instructional Internet classes, and the assisted staff that Java Net offers, will in sort to the audience that does not link themselves with the age of computer. This aspect of education will pull members such as younger and elder of the community who are quickly attaining involvement in the unparalleled resources that communicate through online have to provide.

The downtown place will give business people with convenient access with their morning coffee and online requirement. Cale Bruckner, the founder of Java Net, is the majority owner. Luke Walsh, Doug Wilson, and John Underwood, all sustain minority position of stock as private investors.

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  5. Java Net is meeting with the opportunity as stimulated of being the step-mover in the cyber-cafe market. The coherent quality of coffee, aggregate with the increasing interest in the Internet, has been established to be a gaining concept in related markets and it will produce the same results in other market. There are some factors such as current tendency, habituation, and sales data assure that the high requirement for coffee will continue invariable more than the next five years.

    The quick development of the Internet and online services which has been found there is only the tip of the iceberg. The possible development of the Internet is tremendous, to the item while one day, a computer terminal with the connection of online will be as usual and requirement as a telephone. It can be 10 or 20 years downward the road, but since the next five years, the service of online supplier market is certain to feel enormous development. As a modern cyber-cafe in London, Java Net will enjoy the spontaneous advantages of name identification and customer commitment. Since the following five years, competitors will access the market.

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    6. Java Net has established an aim to hold more than a market share of 50 percent. With the Internet system, printing, scanning, and introductory courses will also be available to the customer.

      cyber cafe | Feasibility Study | Databases

      Java Net will also offer customers with an unparalleled and creative environment for enjoying the great coffee, special beverages and delicious bakery items. Java Net will be the most Internet cafe in Central London. Java Net will vary itself from the strictly-coffee cafes in London by offering its customers with combination of Internet and services of computing. Java Net will provide its customers with complete enter to the Internet and usual computer software and hardware.

      There are some valuable services of the Internet and computing accessories available to Java Net customers are mentioned below:. Customers can sign up for an email account of Java Net. This account will mainly be controlled by the server of Java Net and accessible from computer systems exterior the Java Net network.