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  1. The Internet of Things: Marketing’s Holy Grail
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In the age groups 34 and older there is a notable change in the activity rate. When 44 percentage of the younger categories can be counted as active users, the figure for the older groups is about half of that. The news, sports and weather sites are creating the highest frequency counted in visits in the Indian digital landscape.

In his monograph Adam Arvidsson states, previously to the era of Internet companies communicated their advertising messages directly to voters that just passively took it in.

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These theories do not apply when talking about Internet as a marketing channel, in this age of social media even less. Internet advertisement communication is highly dependent on the voter preference.

The Internet of Things: Marketing’s Holy Grail

According to Arvidsson Internet as an environment is best utilized by empowering and involving the voter. Interactivity and interaction are important tools when creating a voter friendly website and pursuing revisits. Arvidsson summarizes that the Internet is not simply about transactions; the important thing is maintaining a dialogue with the voter. The quality of that dialogue is usually rewarded in voter engagement. Their percentage share has however declined somewhat in FY , owing to the rise in the mobile, social media and video advertising.

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Arvidsson A good way to gain understanding on how a Party and its candidates are perceived by voters is to follow discussion forums online. Through Technocrat, tens of blogs can be found that are specifically discussing different Nokia phone models. These blogs are linked to thousands of blogs and rss-feeds. Blogs and discussion forums can be used as a focused marketing study.

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Similarly to conducting a research by using a normal focus group study, valuable information about consumption habits can be collected from blogs. If a Party actively listens to important blogs and communities on the Internet, they can use it to impact the marketing but also gain direct feedback on product or customer service. Barack Obama etc. The benefit for television, being movement and sound, and for print the average time a voter generally spends with the advertisement compared to other mediums.

Du Pleiss refers to a empirical research that takes studies whether these benefits really work in favor for the banner advertisement or not. One research is specifically conducted to evaluate if a banner advertisement with movement is more effective than a static one. There search is conducted on a test group measuring how a banner ad is observed. The banner is showed a number of times, the increase in percent of people that stated that they had seen the advertisement before increased only 8 percent by between tests.

This result implies that the effect of the banner advertisement can be lost simply because the banner is not noticed. The research also compared the different newer ad formats to the comparably older banner formats. The findings were quite clear, big impression ads produced recognition levels twice as high than regular banner ads. Banners that included movement generated recognition levels four times higher. More importantly the study showed that the newer ad formats had a more positive impact conveying brand awareness. The newer banner ads also did a better job of conveying brand awareness than a static banner.

Who's Clicking Banner Ads?

Recently developed banner sizes for the Finnish market includes for e. Also variants that make use of the site background, time triggered, expanding or pull back banner types have been proven more effective than any traditional sizes. Playing video or sound are additional ways to grab the viewer attention and increase the CTR.

Rauramo The image displayed below Figure 2. The banner actually sits in the background of the page, regaining a high attention value due to its size.


In this particular case the banner solution also allows the visitor to watch the movie trailer on the page without being re-directed a separate landing page. These are backed by hyperlinks that when clicked on, take the potential customer to the advertiser's website. Emails are used to engage with existing customers to get repeat business as well as to acquire new customers.

Situation Analysis

The effectiveness of the advertisement is therefore highly dependant on the quality of the production and media scheduling. The results from these approaches are astonishing. The world spends billion minutes on social media networks and blog sites Nielsen Company.

Social media represents the online content publicly created and available to end users. It is becoming one of the main tools used to spread information among customers. Blogs, social networking sites, content communities, virtual worlds or collaborative projects all represent groups of people that create and share content inside and outside of professional routines.

For marketers this phenomenon is of high interest as social media is becoming an important source of customer information sharing, awareness, support and empowerment Kaplan and Haenlein, One criterion is locale, by retrieving visitor IP addresses is possible to pinpoint users based on location. This allows for locally personalized marketing that can filter out everything but the desired targeted group.

Rauramo The image below Figure 3. This banner ad promoting Picnic that is shown on Iltasanomat. On the first day of this campaign sales revenue in Tampere for Picnic grew by 22 percent and on the second day already by 33 percent compared to the average. Aims of Namo digital media campaign Recognition of Narendra Modi as a brand not only for state audience but also for national audience.

Controlling and managing strongly how he is projected on the web space — project him focussing on development and working towards secularism. Working specifically focused on state as well national elections. His development campaign aims to cross market his achievements as well the party BJP he belongs to, on a state and national level.

Make conscious efforts to address criticism. Such recurring activities could help establish him as a leader of the masses. He is known as the man of development.

here Narendra Modi has designed and promoted various campaigns in this aspect and has propagated them on social media platform to entice the youth. This has created a sense of belonging and pride among the people of Gujarat. Results of the Digital marketing strategy Thank You I have learned the importance of background-, target group- and media placement research. That research works as the informational base that determines the direction of the rest of the planning stages. This led to the beginning of targeted ad placement. WebConnect, an ad agency that specialized in online ads, began helping their clients identify websites their ideal consumers visited.

Now, companies could place ads where their target demographics were more likely to see them. This was nothing short of revolutionary in the digital advertising space. Not only were companies reaching more relevant audiences, but websites hosting the ads were also able to display banners that were more applicable to their visitors. WebConnect also introduced the CustomView tool , which capped the number of times a particular user was shown a single banner ad.

If a user had already seen an ad a certain number of times, they would be shown another ad instead. In , banner ads plastered the internet, but advertisers still didn't have a good process to determine if these ads were actually driving tangible results for their businesses.

Marketers needed a way to more efficiently manage their display ad campaigns across multiple websites and report on how users were interacting with their ads. Doubleclick emerged on the scene as one of the first ROI tools for banner ad campaigns. They offered advertisers a new service called D.