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Research case studies necessarily seek to generate, elaborate, or test theory. They enhance understanding through theory development that can occur within an in-depth investigation of one case situation, or across in-depth investigation of multiple cases. Action research is an approach which combines action e. The aim of action research sought to an understanding of a social system and an opportunity to change that system. The process works in a cycle, with enough data gathered and analyzed at each stage to derive action and understanding for that stage only.

Understanding leads to action; and once action has taken place, new data are generated for analysis to generate the next lot of action. Reflection is used in each stage of the process to consider what has occurred at each step. The process is cyclical, with each cycle resulting in a new cycle.

Research Design: a simple approach

The short cycles are Plan, Act, Observe, and Reflect, after which the process begins again. Kothari, C. Research Methodology: Methods and Techniques , 2 nd ed. Tharenou, P. Management Research Methods. New York: Cambridge University Press. Write your research design. Write your research design What is a research design? As such, research designs may be split into the following parts: the sampling design which deals with the method of selecting items to be observed for the given study; the observational design which relates to the conditions under which the observations are to be made; the statistical design which concerns with the question of how many items are to be observed and how the information and data gathered are to be analysed; and the operational design which deals with the techniques by which the procedures specified in the sampling, statistical and observational designs can be carried out.

General Structure and Writing Style

A research design appropriate for a particular research problem, usually involves the consideration of the following factors: the means of obtaining information; the availability and skills of the researcher and his staff, if any; the objective of the problem to be studied; the nature of the problem to be studied; and the availability of time and money for the research work. What are the main research designs? Experimental design Definition Experimental designs, whether conducted in the laboratory or the field, are designed to test cause—effect relationships.

When to use the experimental design When the researcher want to determine whether a variable or a treatment causes some changes or outcomes to occur. Where the researcher has control on the independent variables.


Research Paper Example

Where the experimental material is homogeneous, e. Quasi-experimental design Definition Quasi-experimental designs are designs that also provide the researcher with the opportunity to assess the effects of interventions or manipulations. When to use the quasi-experimental design When the researcher want to determine whether a variable or a treatment causes some changes or outcomes to occur. Where the researcher does not have full control on the independent variables, e. Where the experimental material is not homogeneous, e.

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No notes for slide. Research writing Experimental Design 1. Research Writing Parts of a Research Experimental design 2. Whenever possible, tabulate the data. Report only relevant data 3.

Organizing Academic Research Papers: Types of Research Designs

Avoid too many small tables of closely related data which can be put together in one table for a more comprehensive picture of the results 5. Avoid table with data that can be presented in a few sentences in the text. Discuss each table, graph or diagram presented. In discussing a table, do not simply repeat the data so that the table will not be rendered useless. Also include the following in the discussion: a. Any defect in the methodology that may have affected the research outcome. Report all findings, including those that negate the research hypotheses.

In reporting results of statistical tests, include the degrees of freedom and level of significance 6.

The report of findings should include statements as to whether the hypotheses are rejected or not based on the results of statistical tests. In case the findings indicate a need to revise the original conceptual framework, discuss this also in the report 8. It is not necessary to summarize the findings in the chapter on results. It should be done in Chapter 5 The findings are listed consecutively and numbered for easy reference in the discussion of the conclusions and recommendations which are both based on specific findings. The summary of the first three chapters is written in the past tense, while summary of findings is written in the present tense.

Research Design Paper Instructions

The summary does not contain any new information. Based on specific findings. Answer all the research questions 3. Any generalization which is not supported by sufficient data is not acceptable 4.

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Written in the present tense Two implications of research findings are: a. References Appendix It consists only of the research instruments. Curriculum Vitae I. Personal Data II. You just clipped your first slide!