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It is vital in my opinion that society changes and that support is given to those with rough backgrounds. Schooling systems may not be able to tackle bullying because of a lack of funding received by the state. It is one thing for a school to put money into tackling bullying, however if there is no money then it makes it more difficult. A lot of schemes aimed and tackling the causes of behavioural problems are long run and take a lot of financial backing.

If schools are not able to receive funding then there will be problems. It is one thing for a bully to experience a lack of opportunities at home, yet bullies often may feel that there is no hope for them in society, leaving them to take their frustrations out on others.

How To Prevent Bullying, Essay Guide

We may look at the whole overall system and the way that there are a lack of opportunities for children. In poor areas country, there may not be any schemes in place to help children express themselves, leading to pent-up anger and frustration. This rhetorical question illustrates my point. I have made my position on the fact that bullying ought to be an issue considered by society. The causes of bullying are very much societal and broad problem.

It is not only the school, or the people around the bully, but society too. Problems are multifaceted and complex, requiring broad solutions. I can only hope that adequate solutions in the future proposed to tackle bullying take into account the grander scheme of things and socio economic problems. The act of bullying is a sick reminder of the problems that schools face today. Bullying starts with annoying comments and progresses on to much more severe matters. A lot of people may say that bullies are nothing but ignorant children, but say what they might, bullies end up becoming criminals.

This lack of self esteem can lead to stealing, leaving, thuggery and a long life spent in the penal system. Bullying is regarded as a crime by almost every law enforcement agency in every country, because of the detrimental effects it can have on individuals. One not only needs to look at what goes on in classrooms, bullying can escalate in the wider society too in the form of crime that involves coercion, harassment, humiliation and violence. The effects that bullying can have on any individual is evident and the insecurities of children can have severe consequences, becoming so severe that they are considered illegal.

In rare and unfortunate circumstances, bullying can result in tragic loss of life. One need only look at suicide victims or violent acts committed by bullies. Look through the archives of news articles and you can find some about tragic cases where bullies have resulted in suicides. As an example, the teenager Larry King shot himself in the head in front of all of his classmates and his teacher as a result of bullying he faced at school. Other even more tragic cases, such as the Columbine shootings, have been linked to bullying that the children faced — in this case, the victims were in their dozens and were gunned down by those children that had been bullied.

This is untrue. Bullies definitely understand what they are doing. Bullying is abuse and abuse really has to stop. Those that take a blase attitude and dismiss bullying as something which is common are completely missing the point. Do we really want members of society to go to jail or commit crimes? More needs to be done by schools, parents, children and society altogether.

Bullying will not go away on its own and it is here to stay unless something is done about it. In summation, people need to work together to stop bullying. Bullying is indeed a criminal act. If you look at what bullying is, it involves coercion, abuse, intimidation, ridicule and sometimes violence — all of these can be considered in criminal acts. It is important that people stand up to bully and also work to improve self-esteem within the community. If something can be done, change can really come about to improve society. Take a look at some of the most widespread and neglected problems in school and you will find bullying at the top of the list.

The implications of bullying are severe and so there should be severe consequences for those who are bullying others. This important issue is not likely to be solved any time soon until everybody takes a stance and addresses the underlying causes and reasons why bullying is happening in the first place. With the right kind of training, guidance and skills, everybody can work in their own respective way to alleviate the problem of bullying in society.

Argumentative | Bullying Essay | Causes and effects of School and Cyber bullying

In order to tackle bullying, one needs to look at the why and how, all the causes and effects of bullying on children. What exactly is bullying? In a broad sense, one can look at bullying as an aggressive and abnormal behavioural response directed towards a victim. Bullying usually encompasses either one or many of the following: coercion, aggression, antisocial behaviour, victimisation, intimidation, ridicule and violence.

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Bullying in schools has the potential to repeat over time. Children who practice this usually use their physical strength to their advantage or they leak information to harm their victim. Anything from teasing, name-calling, threats, taunting and spreading rumours are common acts of bullying within school. If one looks at the root causes of bullying, it is often attributed to dysfunctional family life. People can do well growing out of the pot of dirt, yet it is usually the dirt that fosters bullying. Studies have shown that significant numbers of children who identify as bullies come from family homes which show little love and affection towards these children.

Parents may not exercise the most appropriate behaviour and may abuse their children, leading them to become insecure and angry individuals. It is the behaviour patterns that children see in the dysfunctional home which they imitate out on the playground. When a bully does not feel any sort of assistance, their power grows and they feel rewarded when they bully somebody. It is difficult for ability to regulate their emotions and manage them.

Often they will become angry and agitated because this is what they are used to at home in their dysfunctional family. By no means it is a dysfunctional family the only cause of bullying problems, yet research has shown that it is a significant contributor. There are numerous and extensive effects of school bullying.

From a mental standpoint, bullying has a large potential to severely impact victims lives, even after bullying has ceased. People who have been intimidated and frightened throughout their childhood are far more likely to suffer from anxiety, mental health problems and depression.

This is exacerbated when the bullying is long run and over a prolonged period. The consequences of bullying on the psyche include loneliness, depression, low self-esteem and an increased potential to lapse into various illnesses. Some all of these issues can persist right through into childhood as the building blocks have been corrupted in the early years.

It should be discussed that the mental impacts can harm both the victim and the bully. Those that carry on bullying for a long period of time are increasingly likely to suffer problems in the future of their own. The effect of bullying on academic performance is an issue which highlights the causes and effects. Once someone finds themselves to be a constant victim of bullying, they may refuse to go to school and so their grades suffer as a result. If they do go to school, they may not be able to concentrate and learn.

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Research has shown that bullying impacted approximately 12 million students in and hundred 20, of the students stayed home from school every day because of the severity of bullying. Catastrophic effects can lead people to drop out of school.

Essay About Bullying in School

More tragically, schools may not have enough resources to deal with bullying all the children which are the victims. Parents, friends and family suffer as a result of bullying. Children can become isolated and strange, distrusting the people who are supposed to be close to them. They may feel constantly alienated and justified to attack others and seek revenge in order to relieve their anxieties and insecurities.

There are a lot of physical effects that come from school bullying. Bruises, bumps, bites or other physical ailments are far too common in school.

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One can also experience malnutrition and problems related to sleep lost if they are severely bullied. It is an unfortunate fact that there are too many effects of bullying, so more should be done to tackle it. One can see that the causes and effects are multifaceted and encompass various different parts of life. One should not only consider the early, the victim and direct relationship — problems need to be solved by looking at prior, root causes.

There is a lot to be done, yet a lot of progress can be made. Bullying Essay. Calculate your price. Type of paper Essay.

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